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  • Ellow Modeler :p Just thought i'd say hi and see if you could practice your modelling skills by making me some Unique Models specifically for me and nowhere else , if that seems interesting to you ofc :)

    Ps. Hero Models, i dont care how they exatly look, i want something unique that it cannot be found on the net. 2 Melee Fighers (1 with a Big Axe,that can whirlwind effectively,and 1 with Swords, Dual-Wield.) , 1 Ranged Model(with Bow or Crossbow) , and a Caster Model . :) Lemme know if you're interested :thup:
    dude new member here

    why i dont have permission to make new threads or posts?
    do i have to do something spesific
    Okay, so I need some way to get off my lazy rear and seeing how you are writing a fantasy novel I'll make you a deal :p
    For every chapter you post of your story, I'll post up one of mine.
    Plus, it'll probably clear the cobwebs from the writer's corner xD
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