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  • Uploaded a map on the thread, does it work for you?
    See the variable list, there is only 3x Integer (4500 arrays)
    I don't use this high in game. I always go like 1000 to be sure. But when I create more of them, then It bugs.
    Can you try if it is the same to you? Set 4-5 real/integer variables with arrays >>4-5k and see if you can run any trigger?
    Set in initialization - Black mask / Visibility off, to test easier.
    It's a number of triggers. In some I need to mark the dmg instance a unit takes, that's why i use integer, I need arrays to make them MUI.
    I would use local variables, but I'm not experienced in them.don't know all the commands.
    only know Position, Real.Don't know others (Image, group...)
    Do you have any guides?
    When i set point array >5k it's ok, but when I set real array >1-2k it stops working
    Yeah i started mapping a while ago from a friend and i liked it. But haven't opened world editor in a while now.
    I like the editor, but still not experienced.
    thanks man, and yes, everyone needs hashtables if they are in gui, its possible to not use them with jass, but they are still extremely usefull if you do use them even in jass... thanks for the rep btw :) im like 2 points away from 50 rep :D
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