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    General US Forced to Drop 4 Unexploded Bombs on Great Barrier Reef

    You are not seriously comparing a ~20kg shell found on land with a 500 pound bomb somewhere unspecified miles out in the sea...
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    General US Forced to Drop 4 Unexploded Bombs on Great Barrier Reef

    How do four 500 pound bombs add up to two tons?
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    General US Forced to Drop 4 Unexploded Bombs on Great Barrier Reef

    Sure FireCat! Take your little motorboat and just pick up a 500pound bomb. Also this wouldnt wash up on the beaches even if there was no reef between it! You really should not talk about pure stupidity, I can't stand this spam on every article..
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    Sci/Tech Hardest working man on the internet passes one million Wikipedia edits.

    385 a day, 4 min for each is 1540 minutes a day. Which is around 25,5 hours a day. Aha.
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    Domain name registrations that didn't make much sense to me.

    Sorry guys but I saw a lot of those "news" lately. And I wonder why it's important to post those or what news value they do have.. I like to read the news but those really don't belong on the news page. That's my opinion, cheers
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    Crime Court finds couple not guilty of child abuse for naming son Adolf Hitler

    Seriously, you're all nerds and got no clue what you're talkin about. "The Name Adolf is pretty common in Austria and in Germany you hear that name every now and then." That's totally crap, don't you guys have better things to do than makin up nonsense like this? Imagine your name is "Adolf...
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    Hellgate:London - we won't giveup!

    Thanks man - I dunno how popular that game was/is in NA. It has so much potential and in the asian market it still is very succesful. Even D3 at it's current state seems to be no competition in my eyes. :D
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    How to: Hide Entered Chat Messages

    Thanks SerraAvenger, I made some changes to that listing. I guess it would be of more use if I completed the last part.. :o
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    Health Fish found in boy's penis

    I guess he was to lazy to go to the toilet and peed in his aquarium - holding his little brother in the water..
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    How to: Hide Entered Chat Messages

    Hi guys, haven't been here for a long time. I just read the first one does not work? I guess it does not work anymore for any reason? - Patch maybe? I might have some time to redo the tut in some weeks. €: @Romek Thanks - someone already changed this. @SerraAvenger Thanks! I did some...
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    Hellgate:London - we won't giveup!

    None of you is a passioned Ex-Hellgater? :o
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    Hellgate:London - we won't giveup!

    Hi guys, some people here in germany made a big effort in writing a letter to Namco Bandai about selling the rights of HG:L so that NA and Europe can fight for the living again! There is a petition going on - *click* - where you can also get some detailed information about the current...
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    Who are you voting for?

    It's not the fault of the younger generation that most of the older generation are too dumb to use the internet and such. I would say that the old very easily fall to populist nonsense...
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    World Developer: Dubai Tower at 'new record height'

    Time runs( kind of) slower too up there.