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    Samsung N501 SDI modded player

    I modded my samsung player to output digital SDI. Info is found here: Link to project: More info here:
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    Modding a Logitech Wingman controller to work on Nuon.

    I'm in search of a Nuon Logitech controller. If anyone has one for sale let me know. I'm trying to get the Logitech Wingman controller to work with my nuon. But I need to poll some data lines on the original Nuon controller.
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    WTB Nuon Controller

    Yep I'm still looking too. I did download tempest 3000 and was able to boot the game on writable media surprisingly. But can't do anything without the controller.
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    WTB Nuon Controller

    I just picked up a nuon N2000 box but need a controller to play. I was hoping somebody might have something to sell. I'm looking for either the logitech or the samsung. Let me know if you have anything, I'm located in the usa. Thanks Dan