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    Hi, i really like your work, i started working on a map using the same kind of system of shoot/dodge with archers out of obsession with the genious put into your game. i would really apreicate help from the master if that would be possible, i already have a ton of ideas down for the difrent archers and the way the gameplay will work, i have most of the terrain done and the objectives have been established, i just cant do things such as jass. also i want to know if my game is properly ballanced, im sure you could help with that too. Thanks, my email is [email protected], contact me as soon as possilble with a yes/no if you would be willing to help me ^^ id also like to explain how the game works so far if thats not too much trouble, ill cya then!
    Can you give any date of release for 1.3 pls ?
    Also if there was a beta could you tell me where I could dl it because I don't find it anywhere and your site is dead, I wouldn't host it in public if you don't want me to but I just would like to test it.
    And one more thing, do you plan on adding AI like in old Archer Wars ?
    Hey Cleeezzz! Can you make me a savecode please? (Master or better...) My username is ArcherWars in ^^

    Thank You.
    Hehe. I played your Archer Wars today, but wasn't much competition :(

    Well, it was only funmode so yeah. Bitches kept spamming everything =[

    I also noticed Gravity makes Arrow's and Holy Arrow's [That Giant Shockwave One] get stuck in corners sometimes? [At least the case was 1.2d, everyone was lagging because I spammed corners :D]. When the host did manage to gravity the lag-causing arrows out, boom and hahah he died.

    Great map anyways. Although one thing that does annoy me is the death of the arrows, how it just suddenly pops outwards.
    Well... We don't... :p Besides, I've moved on from actual JASS coding now. Actually, I've moved on from WC3 Mapping in general. Once (if) I finish AAA, I'll probably stop. I'll make Physics Wars for SC2 OR even possibly standalone.
    Yea i have a bullet system but the map still need some work before any releases
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