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    Chopin: Raindrop Prelude

    Since we're all talking about the weather, here's Alkan's "Comme le vent" ( like the wind ). _VPYwfTFFbM
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    Convert TGA to JPG ?

    You can also open and edit TGA files in Photoshop.
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    Mana Regeneration

    That wouldn't work. OP clearly states that his unit has 500 mana, and no regeneration or anything. Setting the regeneration to a negative value would mean that he loses mana over time, even though that is not intended. Here's an idea for keeping his mana fixed: You could make a trigger that...
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    Replacing Birth Animation

    I made the trigger in JASS for you: function Trig_TheHelper_JASS_Conditions takes nothing returns boolean if ( not ( GetUnitTypeId(GetConstructingStructure()) == 'ugrv' ) ) then return false endif return true endfunction function Trig_TheHelper_JASS_Actions takes nothing...
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    Replacing Birth Animation

    Then convert the trigger into custom script. At least you'll be able to make it MUI and it should work. Furthermore, Pyritie says: Looking at his trigger one can see that it was written freehand. Moreover, he doesn't use local variables either ( due to the "udg_" ) and he doesn't refer to...
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    Replacing Birth Animation

    I don't quite understand what you're doing. You're defining a local variable as a global variable...? You then only refer to a global variable. What's the point of that? The trigger makes little sense when it comes to the variables. In other words, you should remove the 'Udg_" in front of the...
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    Charles-Vincent Alkan

    Charles-Valentin Alkan Any admirers of his music? I discovered this composer only a few months ago, and he almost immediately became my favourite composer ( along with Chopin and Liszt ). Both Jack Gibbons and Marc-André Hamelin are so amazing at portraying his music! Alkan is not as well known...
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    Yundi Li - 14th international Chopin competition

    I saw him play live about a month ago. He played Chopin's Sonata ( Opus 35 ), Four nocturnes, several Mazurka's, Andante Spinato and the Grande Polonaise, and finished his concert with the Heroic Polonaise. After that, the audience applauded for so long that he played another 3 pieces, of...
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    Opening a .Box file.

    I've already downloaded and converted some of the videos on Youtube, but I can only use two of the ones uploaded there. I've also contacted the person who uploaded the music, but since he hasn't logged onto his Youtube account for 11 months, I'm not sure I'll be able to get a response from him -...
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    Opening a .Box file.

    PeaZip is a program for more general compressed files. What I'm looking for is something similar to MPQ viewer, but for .box files. These .box files have to be extractable somehow - after all, the game does it and there is a guy who uploaded some of the audio files on youtube ( for example...
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    Opening a .Box file.

    *Sorry for the double post* So I got Throttlebox to work, but apparently it's not the program I needed for what I wanted to do. What I'm trying to do is unpack the file ( and the "" file ) of the game Beasts and Bumpkins. This file, as the name suggests, contains all...
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    TD Regen TD

    This TD is very easy. I took Munin as my builder and simply built as many lightning towers ( Zeus ) as possible, until I earned enough money to build the tower ( whose model is Vashj - I forgot its name ). All enemies were swiftly killed and the "Ultimate" creep could simply be stunlocked with...
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    Only if you store it as a (global) variable or in a hashtable. Using a global variable would not make it MUI ( if there are any waits ), so I'd suggest using a hashtable. More info on hashtables here:
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    Apparently, ExecuteFunc is slower than TriggerExecute. TriggerExecute is a blizzard.j function, so maybe that'll work on your mac?
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    AoS The Big Game

    I was playing 1 vs 0. Forgot my log-in details for, and I don't know anyone who's actively playing Warcraft 3 at the moment. Happened during both games played ( i.e. with both heroes ). Ah, yes, I noticed that. However, one can easily recognize higher level creeps, simply because...