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    What does the return do in a function?

    Basically, to sum it up, the return part makes the function return a value - be it integer, boolean, real, whatever. The value can be accessed later if you saved it in a variable (as the examples above show).
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    JASS - JASS Crash Course - A Basic JASS Tutorial

    Very useful but please do not use photobucket for image uploading. As you can see one picture was already removed (bellow Division Marker - "/") so it's better to be or something else. Good job on the tutorial.
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    Inventory Help

    Yep, a system is needed to increase the carried items, since there is no other way to add more than six inventory slots. Basically you would do a "trick" to extend it.
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    Snippet PlayerColor()

    local string array c set c[1] = "|CFF0303" // etc. local integer i = GetConvertedPlayerId(whichPlayer) That's not even possible... How can you set variables and declare locals right after?
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    Jass Help

    You are back? Dude I missed you (you still remember me, don't you? xD)... I suggest you forget all these handle variables and learn vJASS - you can find everything in the Tutorial Repository. It's an extension of JASS so you may find a lot of useful things when using it...
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    Vex's Optimizer and Forces

    You are optimizing JASS but your map is in GUI?
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    System Timer Ticker

    Merry Christmas (and merry 900 posts to me). You should update it to 4.0.
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    vJass "operator" keyword

    Thanks Flare, haven't noticed before that Table uses operator keyword.
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    vJass "operator" keyword

    Can someone post another simple example of operator usage? I'm trying to understand them too and with what purpose they're used. It seems like custom arrays but can be with different array values. :/
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    System The Rune System [TRS]

    Good job, I've been waiting for someone to post something like this and this is what I wanted. :thup:
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    System Attach (Item Attachment Management System)

    At first I thought it was some item indexing/attaching system that would help me create manipulation with items. Why not make such one in addition? This could help in making of item mute or stuff like that.
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    TD TD Feedback, +rep For Constructive Opinions

    Seems good, I like the MP idea, thought it would be alot harder for you to manipulate mana instead of health. Extra work would be needed on shields or mana bars or stuff like that. I also like the presentation on this topic but where is the map?
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    Terrain Deformation and FPS

    Nobody has clear answer? Judging by a test, they reduce fps by the same value, thought TerrainDeform is slightly better (2-3 fps higher). I would want to ask someone to do such a test in a bigger map if possible, please... :rolleyes:
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    Terrain Deformation and FPS

    So, finally, in the end, at last, thunder claps are better than script terrain deformation when it comes to FPS?
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    Terrain Deformation and FPS

    Ah, I'm not asking MUI-shmui, I'm asking which would reduce less fps. ^^ EDIT: Consider the example like Epicenter from DotA (if someone has seen it...)