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    box around an area with doodads

    How do you create doodads or units in a region that fills it in in a boxy shape? I believe uther party 2 had this in the motar mini game where rocks are created around a region over time, making the field smaller and smaller until it fills up.
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    Left Arrow Icon

    I need a yellow arrow icon pointing to the left like the play button in replays. This should be easy to do, just take the play icon and photoshop flip it... but sadly I don't know how to get that icon.
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    Ability not working with patch

    I got this spell called toss from here: I can't seem to convert it to work with the 1.24 patch.. even with the tutorial written here on thehelper. Anyone please help ?
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    Can you update ur systems to work with the new patch :P?

    Can you update ur systems to work with the new patch :P?
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    1.24 sytem conversion

    There are a lot of systems that fail to work and currently there's no updates for most of it =/
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    Spell Pudge Wars Meat Hook Revisited

    Yep, i tried it with newgen and even tried implementing it into a blank map o.o. Anyone else tried it?
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    System Multi Kick

    umm this doesn't seem to work anymore since the patch :(
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    Spell Pudge Wars Meat Hook Revisited

    I can't test the map for some reason... I tried creating it and it says "game not found." Maybe the new patch is preventing this??
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    Is there a "space bar key" event? Jass or gui .. idc oo
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    out of bound

    That fixed going out of bounds, but what about cliffs?
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    out of bound

    I have this toss spell from emilyjr and I wonder if there's a way to avoid units being throw over or onto higher level cliffs (down and up cliff), out of bounds, and waters. If they hit this area, just make them fall instantly.
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    vertex color

    I meant vertex color as in the rbg colors... like 100% red, 100% blue, 100% green.
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    vertex color

    Does anyone know all the vertex color #'s from red to brown?
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    Auto casting

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    Auto casting

    Well, that trigger does work, but if there is a water in front of them, it doesn't work. I want it to cast as far as possible with a certain range.