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Jan 8, 2016
    1. tooltiperror
      Yeah, the whole IDE work flow doesn't really appeal to me. The process I am using right now consists of writing in vim (a terminal text editor) and then compiling via a Makefile. It's way better in my opinion than an IDE, they're too bloated.
    2. tooltiperror
      You should really look into really developing skill in the Command Prompt. And maybe use Cygwin, a *nix like terminal for Windows.
    3. Jesus4Lyf
      On create runs just before the first event, whichever that is... I forget. :P
    4. Kenny
      Then for the movment, you use:

      // This is meant to happen periodically:
      call position.add(velocity)
      // The above will add the velocity to the position, making it move.

      // Then:
      call SetUnitX(YourUnit,position.x)
      call SetUnitY(YourUnit,position.y)
      // The above will move the actual unit.

      I hope that helps...

      You can ask more questions if you want, it might just take me time to answer.
    5. Kenny
      For the velocity vector, you must set up the direction you want the projectile/unit to head. To do that, do something like this:

      // For 2D movement (not including z height):
      set velocity = vector.create(0.00,0.00,0.00)

      set velocity.x = Cos(Angle) * SpeedPerInterval
      set velocity.y = Sin(Angle) * SpeedPerInterval

      // For 3D movement:
      set velocity = vector.create(0.00,0.00,0.00)

      set velocity.x = Sin(Pitch) * Cos(Angle) * SpeedPerInterval
      set velocity.y = Sin(Pitch) * Sin(Angle) * SpeedPerInterval
      set velocity.z = Cos(Pitch) * SpeedPerInterval

      That should give the movement per interval for a projectile or unit or something.

      Pitch is the angle including z height.

      Angle is in radians.
    6. Kenny

      I'm pretty swamped with work at the moment, so I probably wont have time for a full crash course in vectors, but I'll try to explain it as simply as I can.

      Basically vectors are just a set of 3D coordinates that correspond to a location on the map.

      The vector struct has an x, y and z member (referring to the respective coordinates of a point on the map).

      Basically, for movement, you should have a:

      - position vector
      - velocity vector
      - acceleration vector (only needed for vectors that change speed depending on different factors)

      The position vector is the current position of a unit.

      The velocity vector is what is added to the unit's position every interval to make it move.

      The acceleration vector may contain constraints such as gravity, friction and air density (I don't think you want to mess with these).

      So to create the position vector, do something like:

      local vector position = vector.create(GetUnitX(Unit),GetUnitY(Unit),50.00)
    7. Romek
      I've got about 700 threads, so "your thread" isn't helpful at all.

      Look in the TESH Folder in your newgen files. There should be a folder in it called Scripts or Jass or something; I've forgotten.

      Make a text file with the functions you want highlighted.
    8. Sevion
    9. Sevion
    10. D.V.D
      Yes but which functions in that system do what? I cna't figure out what the functions do so I can't set the view.
    11. Sevion
      Create a camera, then every 0.0325 seconds or so set the view.
    12. Sevion
      Yer online yet? I added you (Hero-Of-Winds@hotmail.com)
    13. Sevion
      Whoops. Second is supposed to be false, anywho, it doesn't fire. At all. (Yes, I tested.) So far, none of my actions (for clicks L or R) fire.

      Do you have MSN/AIM/w/e?

      Oh, one more thing, when my window (the picture) updates, its size gets screwed up >_>
    14. Sevion
      I just made a timer update all my stuff and it then was attached to my camera.

      Adding the actions, but it still doesn't fire >_>

      BTW, Showing/Hiding units doesn't desync does it?

    15. Sevion
      Wait. Everything is fixed EXCEPT for the fact that my clicks aren't working. I've looked through the demo and added actions exactly like it's done in the demo, but they still aren't firing.
    16. Sevion

      Copied exactly.


      The ones on the Demo map don't show up either.

      Let me make this clear, the buttons show up on the game when I loop the show function, but not when I only use show once (like is done with the demo). Except, it is never locked to my camera. It shows up either a bit lower on the screen (scroll down a little).

      OR it's shown on the bottom left corner of the map.
    17. Sevion
      If you're saying 'B000' doesn't exist, then you obviously haven't checked >_>

      If they must be tree destructables, then how come there aren't any in the demo.

      As I said, I directly copied from the demo. Save for CreateInterface.
    18. Sevion
      Well, using CreateInterface doesn't fix my problem....
    19. Sevion
      And can you tell me why CreateInterface is required....
    20. Sevion
      It's 0.02,

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