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Jan 8, 2016
May 14, 2008
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Random point in Earth
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Make a wish, from Random point in Earth

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Jan 8, 2016
    1. Sevion
    2. Sevion







      Oh, I found it. ;o But it's not locked onto my camera.
    3. Sevion
      Strange, I could never figure out how to get the buttons to display. I do it exactly the way it's done in the demo but it won't show >_>
    4. Sevion
      Did you ever get DGUI working?
    5. D.V.D
    6. Romek
      It's not that H2I itself is bad. It's that it's so short, simple and commonly used, that everyone can just do it without help.
      If someone were to submit H2I, it'd be graveyarded. Would you need to copy H2I from a website? No.

      Your snippet is the same. It's just GetLocationZ on a moved location. Everyone can do that without help.
    7. Romek
      You should see the thread yourself.. Click the rep link.
      When did I say that crap related to GetTerrainZ? O_o
    8. D.V.D
      Yea, your way works for model paths, not skin paths.
    9. WolfieeifloW
      I don't use it.
      If you read the thread I linked you'll see my suggestions.
    10. D.V.D
      Thanks :).
    11. thewrongvine
      :O I boosted your reputation to 2 bars, hah. Nice map, good luck with it!
    12. D.V.D
      Sorry I ddin't help. i was really busy with my new project and my end of elementary school parties. I downloaded it on the hive andI think its amazing. Here are some things you should fix:

      When charging, remove the Wisp Explosion, it doesn't fit.
      When he moves his charge to the front to blast, the charge effect teleports from one place to another. You might want to make it move with his hand.

      Amazing spell and upload it on thehelper.
    13. Luca Blight
      Luca Blight
    14. Luca Blight
      Luca Blight
      Hey man!
      I got kamehameha 4 u.:D
      I got it from the web but i forgot who upload it first.
      So, i reupload it.
      I got a bug here.
      The trail won't go longer from the caster.
      So, there are some empty space between
      the caster & the kamehameha.
      If u can fix it, please send me the link, OK?!
      That's all
      Maybe it can be ur inspiration
      Download here
    15. D.V.D
      No problem.
    16. Luca Blight
      Luca Blight
      Ok then.
      Thanks 4 the reply.
    17. D.V.D
      My kamehameha spell? I never got it to work. It had this wierd glitch that all the units would keep dying and reviving. I don't have the spell anymore. The glitch was probably because the GUI functions I used weren't fast enough to launch every 0.03 seconds of the game. My guess. Sorry but I don't have it and it never worked.
    18. Luca Blight
      Luca Blight
      I'm just a new warcraft gamer.
      I saw many good spell in youtube.
      After i searching, I found ur account and i interested in ur kamehameha spell.
      Can u send me the link of the map please?
      I will be very happy to develop it.
      Thank u vry much.
    19. D.V.D
      Ok sweet.
    20. Defi4nc3
      Yea, i'll get in touch with you after my next update... Adding tons of content... After that i'll know where I want it...
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    Random point in Earth
    Too young.
    Im an artist and I have too many huge ideas I can probably never acomplish. I like to design and somethimes create but i hate rules.

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