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    Battlefield Hope this helps you guys out there..

    It looks like you meant to post this URL: The problem is, that link will just redirect you the forum index.
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    Battlefield Dedicated Server with ICS

    You should be able to just double-click the "BFServerManager.exe" file and configure your server (be sure to save your settings). Then, hit the "Start" button (with the dedicated server console window closed), and the server should start. Make sure you're using the following file...
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    Battlefield Dedicated Server with ICS

    1) Yes. 2) That's the dedicated server window (the server's running). If you press the tilde (~) key, you can enter commands. If you want an easier way to configure it, along with remote administration, visit
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    CMD commands

    ipconfig /release That may or may not work, however.
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    Battlefield BF 1942 Server

    "We highly recommend Battlefield servers to be run on dedicated server platforms. Currently, the best performance is on a machine with the following specifications: 8-player WinOS/800Mhz processor/256MB RAM/ADSL connection 16/32-player WinOS/1Ghz processor/256MB RAM/T1 connection...
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    Battlefield Can't play BF or DC...

    Since version 1.45 has come out, that's no longer possible to do.
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    Battlefield Cant load bf1942 help!!!!!!!!!

    Have a look at this thread, Hotrod ;)
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    Battlefield cd-rom not recognized
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    Battlefield Can't play BF or DC...

    To play regular Battlefield, you need the BF CD in the drive.
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    Battlefield Failed to Connect to the Server

    You only have to worry about this if you're behind a firewall. If so, you have to specify what kind.
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    Battlefield bf crashing probs

    Did you download the full 1.45 patch or the incremental? If you downloaded the incremental, I suggest uninstalling the game, deleting your Battlefield folder, and then reinstalling. Also, make sure you have all the latest driver and system updates.
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    Battlefield Please I Need Your Help!
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    Battlefield BF Crashing

    Do you have all the latest driver and system updates?
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    Battlefield Taskbar on bf1942 mapload (crash)

    Does it happen if you close all the windows or send them to the system tray before playing, too?
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    Battlefield My mouse is frozen

    Uninstalling, deleting your Battlefield folder, and then reinstalling should do the trick.