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    US News Man Bursts Into Flames After Accidentally Drinking Gasoline, Lighting Cigarette

    Talk about SHC (spontaneous human combustion)
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    US News Diner has cardiac arrest eating Triple Bypass Burger at the Heart Attack Grill

    "Heart attack in a bite" best way to describe it.
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    General Petco sued for 'accidentally cutting puppy's ear off then GLUING it back on'

    Stupidity utter stupidity thats all that i can say
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    US News Dog Attempts Suicide off West Hollywood Balcony, Gets Stuck on Railing

    He probably doesnt want to live here anymore.
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    Sci/Tech Race to serve up artificial chicken for a $1m prize

    of all the things i hate... its synthetic chicken
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    US News SOPA Gets Shelved.

    What were they thinking? Trying to limit free internet This is OUR internet this issue shouldn't only concern Americans but also internet users around the world The American government is only doing this to hide the events like scamming etc. I know Its harsh, but its the truth I raise my...
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    Sci/Tech Fly that turns bees into zombies could be the reason hives are dying, say scientists.

    @Inflicted you're right... animals are beings that cannot be replaced by the other Lose one , it will never be replaced. Every animal has a very important role in the whole ecosystem so don't just say that they're just bees @DDRtists: Would you like it if bees said "Don't worry, they're just...
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    World Fast Food Chain Serves 'Darth Vader' Burgers

    Caution: Has a tendency to make you say "Luke, I am your father" every now and then
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    Report Football success throws is inversely proportional to grades of non-althetic students.

    So it is now... didnt know that till now thats more trivia in my noggin'
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    US News Thousands of birds fall to death in Arkansas town for second New Years Eve in row

    something tells me that someone wanted this to happen ... just like spontaneous human combustion, it happens because someone wants you to combust for no apparent reason that or something was wrong with the weather climate temp etc. that day. i dunno
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    Sci/Tech 'Twins' born five years apart.

    all that is to know is that they're twins... or siblings nuff said