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  • Daskunk

    Playing SC2. I think I mentioned it here before, but I am an MVP for the Blizzard sc2 forums now.
    No way! That's awesome! (Can't edit this comment...)
    The Helper
    The Helper
    That is Awesome Daskunk! I saw you mentioned that but did not know exactly what that meant!
    rofl. Don't be bothered by people noticing. No one noticed mine either. ;)
    Well because Conan hasn't been online in like 16 days, so I am not sure if you will be able to versus him. Nevertheless, I will wait one more day before moving you to the final round.
    Scout instead of guessing, gain map control(especially if your opponent is just sitting in his base). If you have map control, expand.

    Have a game plan like: I'll mix gateway units while I'm teching up to colossi and then I'll go for the win. Stick to your plan but change it if necessary(If he's heavy on mutas, more stalkers will be a good choice.

    I don't remember how your macro was but it wasn't too horrible. You could probably work on making more units.

    Oh, also. Make more workers. Lots of more workers. If I recall correctly, there's 12 mineral patches and 2 gas. It takes 3 workers per each mineral patch and gas to use it to it's full extent which means 42 workers on each expansion. You can do with less without any problem but until you hit that limit, you're not really too heavy on workers.

    Edit: I'm wrong of course. There's 8 mineral patches which means 30 workers / expansion which is more reasonable.
    Oh disrespect much, im a total noob for one, second I knew why my units were dieing at the end, but 1 mother ship making I don't know how many units invis, if thats not OP I don't know what is. If it was limited then thats fine its not OP, but unlimited amount with no energy cost, i call bullshit on that.
    Basically, we tried to read your thoughts:
    Zerg: I got 15 zerglings and a queen! I'll go attack him... I'll attack with a zergling and a queen. *The zergling runs first and dies* Oh! He got stuff, I'll take my queen to kill the rocks instead!

    Protoss(You): Oh noes! He got a zergling! I'll mass phoenix to counter them!

    *15 minutes in the game* Protoss: I think it's time to scout again(First time since the first probe scout)

    Protoss: Ah, he got an expansion. How nice! It's okay though.... WAIT! IS THAT GOLD?!?!? Omg! KIIIIILL!

    Zerg: Oh noes, he killed my expansion with stalkers and phoenixes! I have to counter the phoenixes with mutalisks!

    Zerg: Hmm, he's probably strong. I'll own him with ultralisks.

    *Last minutes* Zerg: Omg, why are my troops dieing? Oh he got invisible units. I should try to see them? How? Argh, mothership is imba.
    That means I don't want to delve further in my feelings for the game. Honestly though, the third game made my day and a couple of my friend's days as well.

    Too long post, I'll split it. It's quite evil though, I know not everyone is very good, but it was still amusing.
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