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  • Haha. Me and Ren just won a game. She rushed roaches. I rushed lings. Lings killed off their sucky Terran but Toss had cannons and lots up so I rushed Mutas. He got some DT's up, but I got my seer up and some mutas by that time. :D He ended up killing my expo, but I didn't need it. I had enough gas and mins to get me some more mutas ;) Ended the game quite fast.
    Not at all. I thought you were being a wanker editing your post like that.
    Turns out BR3 was there, I just didn't notice. I got the parody thing mixed up with another thread.

    And as I myself somewhat mentioned, there's no point in having two of the same threads.

    Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
    Hey, thanks. I can't reply through rep though.

    I've been told that before by a lot of people, but it helps to hear it again. Tough critics get to me sometimes.
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