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    animes this year.

    some are great such as canaan, spice wolf(finally). and full metal alchemist brotherhood. hahaha.. wonder what next year has.
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    Soul Eater

    kishin is great.
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    Enjoying Umi no Monogatari quite bad.. its good but. wow very heavy. but good.

    Enjoying Umi no Monogatari quite bad.. its good but. wow very heavy. but good.
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    demotry241 AKIN SYEMPRE

    demotry241 AKIN SYEMPRE
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    I seriously need to find a game

    I r playing Last Remnant. currently enjoying it.
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    May hon ako!!!!!!!!!!.. Y?.

    May hon ako!!!!!!!!!!.. Y?.
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    League of Legends Preorder

    LOL thewrongvine WHAT IS YOUR USERNAME ON HON.. add mine.. the username of me!!!!!. demotry241's feeling about both. HoN - demotry241 played 36 hours straight. then finally realizing i have no friends to play with. LoL - uninstalled in after 5 games. need say moar? HON is DOTA LOL is ROTG...
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    Full Metal Alchemist

    crunchyroll directly kills the anime industry. while fansubbers do not. it is because like rumbel and some, once a ceast and desist has been send by the anime industry. those fansubbers stop. but crunchyroll kept going and going and going. they always have defied video copyright laws. and...
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    Mobile Suit Gundam 00

    this was a very very weird thing to watch. it sometimes fails the human common knowledge.
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    drama...hmm.... watch some of key production's titles btw did you watch shuffle:memories?. awesome.
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    General Wikipedia bans Church of Scientology

    wiki , Awesome :D
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    WIP Space Battleship 2

    galactic strife.. or galactical strife. for title since it is fought between two factions? and in SPACE!!! then i can always say.. lets play gs.
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    AoS Realms of the Genesis v3

    ultimate.. changes the mountain giant model to an Infernal. XXX% attack speed XXX% movespeed. lolololol funny to see mountain giant transform into an Infernal
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    US News US soldier fights Taliban wearing pink shorts

    19. emergency. unprepared. like how people engage in sex without trojan!`