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  • >personally, i dont understand fellow programmers who dont ever know results of code compilation.
    We do know the results where it is necessary. Plus obviously, you were the guy who didn't know the results; While bribe did. Please go away and come back when you understand yourself.
    >well, explain it
    While knowing how code compiles can help you in the rare case of performance tweaking, it is not there to circumvent encapsulation.
    The reason why Vex did what he did is people like you. He knew that someday guys like you would come and try to break encapsulation, so he made it impossible without the use of external preprocessors/jasshelper hacking.

    Also, the job of a programmer is not to be indulged in every little implementation detail; The job of the programmer is to program clean, consistent, maintainable code that solves a problem fast-enough.

    And if having things like "private" increases consistency, while also making the code clean, and if things like "hacking" into private fields makes your code unmaintainable just for the sake of efficiency (which I put at the end of the priority list for a reason), then that's something you just don't do.
    I think you may be taking this a little to far. I, honestly, am trying not to insult you as much as I can. If I AM violating rules, I'd be more then happy to hear about them. I would not be consumed with vindictive thoughts. If you're willing to stop the negative tension between us, I am.

    Please don't take this question the wrong way, but is English your first language?
    No, this loser downed DioD's reputation because he post the same answer as a previous user without any more detail. Infact, there was less detail in his answer.
    Loser downs my reputation for downing his. What an immature brat. <( >_<)>
    Don't go making terribly un-detailed answers to people's questions/insulting askers. and I won't down your reputation.

    DioD: copypaste order string and AD from strormbolt to channel.

    This is an absolutely terrible answer compared to the one before it:

    Ryushi: ... there should be some field called Base Order ID. Most abilities don't have the field, just Channel and a few others. I can't go find it right now but it should be there.

    I'd display more instances of your mediocrity, but I'm already late for my class.
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