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  • >>PD: Your mood msg matches my avatar

    Maybe because I change it after see your pic? <3
    e goes null when the unit is removed in some way, be it RemoveUnit, decay, or explode.

    I will check into it for you though. Be sure to send me your map.
    If you are using the versions in the demo map, I can't help you. Demo map versions are not the latest versions. If you run into bugs, it is your own problem.
    huh? GetUnitId isn't commented

    And what do you mean it doesn't return the target? I've used it and it does. I even looked at the code to double check and sure enough, the target retrieval is there.

    j4l's Event library is no good.

    I also wrote a DamageEvent system (excluding damage mod stuff). It's the lightest possible damage event system you can get.

    There is AdvDamageEvent too, but it'll only work in specific types of maps.
    You haven't configured LUA_FILE_HEADER correctly.

    the file var is only nil if LUA_FILE_HEADER is configured incorrectly
    Ye i hear ya! I'm working on it...it difficult trying to learn from the various tutorials out there. I able to kind of read the scripts and not yet write them. its coming :)
    Timer2 has a terrible architecture.

    Also, read up at the bottom of my last post to learn how merging works. My merging algorithm is different from KT2's and Timer2's ; P.
    They are using c++ >.>.

    Also, the best timer system is apparently not a 1 timer system, it's a timer system that attempts to merge as many timers as possible ; ).
    You know, I get around :) EDIT You should also fix the naming conventions. All your methods, functions, and structs are wrong.
    It's coming along nicely. Right now the challenge is based around a linear search. Move a unit to an end point while avoiding lava, pretty much.
    Sure. That LastDamagedUnit system was pretty simple :p As a rule of thumb, KISS. Simple will save you a lot of headaches in later coding. And learning good coding practices is a really, really good idea.
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