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  • just a heads up, you cant +rep people until you have positive rep... its a +0 rep, and i was the one who reported his flaming and necroing then when he cussed out undeaddragon he got banned
    and you will get helped much more and have a much higher rep if you try to be just a little nicer when you post on the forum
    well your friend from the previous message told me you want to learn jass, is that true?
    I may help you. Tell me your skype in private message
    I dont.

    Ok that sounds just fine. send me your map and I'll take a look and give you my thoughts after a few days. You can upload it somewhere and give me the link or you can mail it to me
    Well it would be fun, but i already have a partner on my map. But i have a lot of free time and my partner isn't working for the moment, so I think I can be your partner.I can help you with heroes and Items, I can make alot of spells but im not good at MUI, so if players can play as the same heroes some spells may bug. But im used to use triggers. I have a experience of 2.5 years :D
    Hi, I heard you are working on a AoS map (as said, so is I) and you sound nice. I would be glad to test it when it's done (or BETA testable) and share my thoughts. :)

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