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    custom model, unnamed original character
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    custom model, valkyrion the magna warrior (from yu-gi-oh) feel free to give feedback ( :
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    wanting to share sutff I've made but unsure of "submission rules"

    I can't seem to find your policy anywhere on what you can and can't share on this subform. I have questions such "what's your policy on importing from other games?" and "what do you do if you used someone else's work to make your work?" Thanks Feel free to sticky this once there is an answer...
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    Is this a symptom of a memory leak? (I already read the turtorial)

    On two of my maps, (with similar script), after using a custom scripted spell many times over the course of a dota length game, suddenly after using the spell, it seems as if all the units on the map get stuck behind invisible walls and thus can't move. Nearby units will still engage each other...
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    Help with increasing Autocast cast range and increasing Carrion beetles cast range

    So I have this map where one of the heros is supposed to build buildings that aren't meant to be on the front lines but are instead meant to aid his team from behind them, (ex: a tower that can shoot VERY far but can't hit targets next to it.) Some of the buildings have auto cast abilities...
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    attaching custom rifle to a footman that uses rifle animations

    Great minds think alike, solved!
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    attaching custom rifle to a footman that uses rifle animations

    SOLVED! I got as far as taking the footman, editing out his weapons using a model editor, giving him rifleman animations using an animation transfer program, downloading a custom rifle, attaching it, and then I got stuck. No matter which combination of attachment points I try, the rifle...