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  • I see you lurking there :) You should say Hi sometime because it looks like it is almost your 20th anniversary on the site! You are the Super Lurker!
    It's Web Developer! Not Website creator! :P

    Anyway, I set up a test-site, so you could look at some of the things I could install for you, but for the real ones, (if you want them) you'll have to find a paid/free host, since the one these are hosted on sucks, and never wants to work properly.

    Blog (for development diary's and such): http://lifeless.netau.net/
    Forums (for discussion): http://lifeless.netau.net/forums/
    And a wiki (Every game needs a wiki!): http://lifeless.netau.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
    We Posted on that Team Thread and there are some pretty impresive replies. 4 Programmers (including you) and a website creator. Perfect for now if you ask me. We also have a modler so thats a good plus :p
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