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  • Hey! Well done on the grades (and I'm sure everything else that came after)! I hope you're well :)
    Send me that wc3 hook map you made. I want to take a look at that GUI! [email protected]
    goodluck trying to understand, modify the behavior of the chain rofl :D
    Just checked that map out. Is pretty damn impressive infact. I always have problems with the hook spell, never got it to work properly. Is the bending that made the real problem for me.
    nameless entertainment was TOO STRONK for us to handle :(

    The funny thing is we were better at making the website and arguing on it than making the game xD
    I know it's been a while :O! Dude I can't believe how long it's been since our last "project" (of failure LOL)
    Thanks man <3

    We don't really know each other, like you said, but I have spoken to you enough to know your a pretty awesome guy too :)
    I haven't seen you around the forums for ages though.
    Haha Thank you, and yes, for some reason the Vbulliten upgrade made my avatar 10x faster than it should be >:D
    Yeah it's been a LONG time :O, Then again, im barely on TH.net anymore :(
    Hehe, C++ is my favorite language, it's just too bad I suck too much to be able to learn it :p

    I wasn't at TH.net for a while due to school work and a lot of IRL drama (thank god it's over). I guess it's safe to say I wont be having that kind of BS next year, so I should be more active when Diablo III comes out and just in general :D.

    Anyways, Talk to you soon!
    -Weegee :D
    I saw a post of you and I was "Hey omg I totally forgot to keep any connection with you, damn !"

    Well, what are you filling your free time up with now ?
    Statistics was easy. :D
    A-Level maths isn't too bad. There's a lot to learn and remember in Statistics and Mechanics though. Core/Further Pure maths isn't too bad at all. :)
    One more on Friday. Statistics, which should be a breeze.
    You're lucky. ;o
    Really?... Ah My mistake then... Haven't encountered that before. Learnt something new I guess ><
    Haha yeah. I come here to kill time during the holidays, school's gonna start soon so I'll be gone for awhile, again. I see you're a fan of the lone wolf series too? :)
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