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  • nope. The good thing is that during the instalation you will get some info about some of the things that happened in the first brood wars.

    There are no mutants. Just magical aliens and freekish aliens. The humans are some techno-cyborg maniacs. :D:D:D

    And yes, you are indeed a contact of me :D:D:D :D
    It is good to have you back. :p Now th is full with some 6th gen people... I am done with making a name/being contactful for now. Gladly I still have enough contacts (like you for example) who are experienced and talanted.

    So, have you played the original ?
    well the fist project (the one who's consept is finished) will be something alright :pP Anyway like I said, at some point I will need a bigger team (currently there are just 2 people per team, it is easier to be consentrated and discuss with them) But don't worry, I am giving you a head start. The work on the first map begins after 10 days from now (enough time to play some more melee and finish the missions. :p

    So, you haven't gotten the game already ?
    As a matter of fact I do... 2 teams by that :D You know, the most messed up part is, that I am not kidding, not one bit.
    cool. I pre-ordered my copy today. The launch is tommorow. At first I am gonna play melee (cuz everyone will, no need to deny me this joy just for a head start in mapping) and after that (at some point, maybe a week, a month, but I am sure that it will be less then 3 months I will start mapping.

    Who knows, maybe we be in a team one day :p
    well as long as that is eating pizza and drinking beer then fine :D

    still I don't think they allow that in Bulgaria...

    Btw you have one more unread visitor msg
    yeah a dream, eh ? Srsly since I am "married" now this is the thing I should call "a perfect day" xD (facepalm)
    3 liters of beer and 2 extra large pizzas... made my day <3 but then my parents came home :(

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