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  • Last status was in the thread... The map I was working with was corrupted after I came back to it on a week or so break...
    No idea what you're talking about. I was :thdown: you for claiming an opinion as fact with no evidence.
    When im done with some items where to post them ? in ur profile, in private message or in your thread? or make them in a test map and send u ?
    I need to make icons? or descriptions of items + abilitys, or all of that xD
    Hey wait wait dude, give me more descriptions for the items,and maybe 1-2 examples of items that you already made, that would help me much
    Just a side note: Don't make a big deal out of rep. At some point it's addiction will break, like a fever. But if it's given unjustly feel free to PM me.
    Lol if had invites i cant use them i cant download such a massive file on my internet to fucking slow like 3 weeks of downloading by that time the real one is out.
    Lol i dont care about rep all i wanted was my status. Well it is sorta imbalanced in places because some of my spells are impossible to balance. Version 2.0 has been completed for the last few weeks but i only have a protected version of it xD
    Well im sorta just stoping i dont have intrest in them right now. Moving off wc3 maybe onto SC2.
    Nah i stopped with my maps for now. Im to busy ATM. I might just release them as open source maps.
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