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  • Yup, I'm back... for a while anyway, since I'm planning on just working on the Edge of Eternity CG. Then I think I'll go back to work on developing my games and see if I can get a publisher to pick one of them up.
    Your profile was sent to Pine, We will discuss it and have your answer soon...
    Open Characters are Neutral Controlled Characters, Characters that anyone can control.
    You fill out the character form. (Under Characters). You will see what I mean when Pineapple and I post up our characters.
    I have no affiliation or interest in that game and I'm not really interested in doing one for you to post on there on my behalf. Why don't you make a banner yourself? Their pretty easy cake to do.
    I was on TheHelper when I was a little sperm swimming around in my dads balls, long before my mum was even made pregnant? o_O
    There is always room for help. What skills do you have? (it doesn't have to be world editor related, you can be an artist, a coder, etc).
    Thanks for registering me.. Thanks a lot bro..

    I owe you a lot..

    Now I gotta play HoN before the beta ends :)
    I'm just checking out that thread and if there is no "Song of the day" posted I find one and say a little blurb about it. If you beat me to it go ahead, there will be days when I'm either not around or not checking this site.
    Nevermind, after talking to pine the session tomorrow will be 2 hours, shorter than normal but still adequate. Hope to see you there
    Its usually three hours this week's session, what pine tells me, is only going to be like 30 minutes max. Because he has places to go, so people who need to make a character will probably only show up on sunday.
    Its a DnD, so it will be on Xfire. If it was a DM RP it would be on the Forum. It will be on Xfire, but this week will be a very short and no you don't need a mic only Pineapple needs to talk any other mics or talking just causes interference.
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