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    nvm I have found what I was looking for thanks
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    if I were looking for a particular old post/thread (seems like things are not quite archived like they used to be) how could I do it?
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    so they sell us a faulty program, and want money for the fix?
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    when i conduct a search, I can only view the first page of results - won't let me scroll through any others - says "Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms. " its a find threads started by user search
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    Spellpack Boomerang and Orbital

    my inspiration for bommerang was from the phoenix - the other was inspired by a spell from AoM
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    Math Questions

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    Snippet ForLoopHelper

    how do you explain my results here? specifically here?
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    Some Jass system in my map going crazy

    yes that isnt related to anything I have made in the past
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    SetUnitState() Life Healing, Incorrect Increase!

    the math is right - something else is contributing to the units hp change
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    Increase Hero's Strength; No Stacking

    for MUI use a unit group
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    Help with angle math

    GetSpellTargetX/GetSpellTargetY work well
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    Constant Functions

    really the idea is, you allow users easy customization of spells/systems using the constant function - but then enable the speed efficiency of in-lining during processing
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    Global data?

    what is data? is it established as a variable type prior to your global deceleration?
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    Examples of channeling spells

    onDestroy is called following a .destroy(), which I think automatically calls .deallocate() maybe that is a problem?
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    Examples of channeling spells

    try thistype.create() instead