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  • Yes, have wieved it through.. Will try to create a map for you then, but probably not today - got major school project for tonight - didnt you recieve a PM from me with an msn adress?
    You are not giving me much to work with.. You need to give me more info, as for an example what is those tree models you're talking about?
    First of all you have to get from GUI to plain JASS (Second Tutorial; Third Tutorial)

    And then from JASS to vJASS.

    So much to the tutorials the forum comprises (maybe there are more).

    I personally learned JASS via converting GUI-Triggers to Jass and trying to modify and understand them.
    I think the best is to begin with a jump-spell. For example you click on a destination point, the hero leaps up in the air and falls down nearly in a right angle to the target position and deals damage in an area.

    First of all produce it in GUI, then convert it, merge it into one trigger, optimize it and finally vJass it. We will be glad to help you in the "Jass Help" sub-forum, if you have a problem ;)
    Im currently not interested in a greater project. But I suggest to you to learn Jass/vJass, as it allows you to code much more complex and efficient spells. If you have questions or problems with these languages, you can ask me.
    I duno, the way I learned to use photoshop was to just randomly create as many wallpapers as I liked =x

    And to make as many shopped photos of my friends as possible xD
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