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    Recreating a Warcraft-3/Starcraft-2 like editor

    Hello Everyone... I have left Warcraft-3 world editor for almost 3 years now and went into serious game development. I have used World editor for more than 4 years. But at various places, I found World Edtior to be really really limiting and after hitting a wall a few times, I just had to quit...
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    US News Elementary School Dumps Homework and Tells Kids to Play Instead

    Ya well it depends.. Didn't see that but I think it was like a warning to aspiring gamedevs that it is not an easy task. Well for some reason I got used to work around 50 hours a week with time.
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    US News Elementary School Dumps Homework and Tells Kids to Play Instead

    If I did my homework then, I wouldn't have time to learn warcraft3 modding and jass. And slowly get into gamedev and programming so yeah, didn't thought about that until now.
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    Sci/Tech Scientists have created the perfect music for cats

    My cat was like meh.. I am not entertained..
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    Report Teens Who Get The HPV Vaccine Do Not Have Riskier Sex

    In other news, wearing helmet might make people drive riskier.
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    Report India Ranked Less Corrupt Than China for the First Time in 18 Years

    Yeah at least we are going somewhere.
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    UK News Terrified family left trapped at top of ferris wheel after staff switched off lights..

    They claim they were left hanging for 15 minutes; CCTV says 2m 58s
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    Diablo III Party

    Try Path of Exiles you might like it.
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    Looking for a lore writter

    Hi guys... I am current working on a 3rd person shooter-RPG hybrid game. It is a scifi game. You can find more details about the game here I am in need of a good lore writer who is interested in topics like these. Any one who is interested...
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    Need of a graphics designer, concept artist

    Hi guys... I am current working on a shooter-RPG hybrid game in unreal engine. It is a big project. Here are some features of the game. I am looking for any one who could make 2d arts and concept arts of vehicles, weapons and other characters. Any one intrested in more information can pm me.
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    Giving Away My Project

    Hi every one... I know this is not the best place on the forums to post this. But, I wanted max people on the forum to see this topic. A month back or so, I left warcraft-3 modding permanently. It feels bad though leaving something which I was doing for the last 4 years. Out of all my done...
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    Systems preview

    Thanks.. The project is going well. But I need some recruits though.
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    Systems preview

    Hi guys... I am working on a pvp, boss fight map that I would turn into a ORPG once some development is done on it. Every hero will have 3 talent tress and a lot of spells there are currently 12 heroes in plan. As the project recruitment sub-forums is nearly dead here, I thought of posting it...
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    Gaming What happens when pirates play a game development simulator and then go bankrupt because of piracy?

    What if we make a Game Dev Tycoon and release it pirated while playing Game Dev Tycoon then will the people stop downloading pirated Game Dev Tycoon? Pirapception?
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    Gaming Hackers slaughter thousands in "World of Warcraft"

    Chuck Norris made a wow character?