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    RPG Final Fantasy Open RPG II

    Well it's been about 3 years since your post and about 5 years since anyone has probably TOUCHED this map. I wanna make this map on Starcraft 2 but unfortunately that would require to much work (SC2 future tilesets wouldn't work well, and I would have to create a hero system to replicate WC3's...
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    Yes they do have to worry about share holders and executives but they arn't gonna be happy if the game sucks and makes no money. It's a delicate balance between quality and quantity. To much quality and to much time would hurt Blizzard more then releasing a game a little more timely since they...
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    Not sure if I'm going to get SC2 anymore

    Ok what company doesn't reserve that right. I reserve that right on my graphics forum and it's free lol It's a right every company has and upholds for their security. You seem to easily influenced. Why do you need so much privacy? If your on a forum you have alreayd compromised your privacy...
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    GUI Trigger Order

    I gues they feel it flows better that way for the newbs out their who don't understand how triggrs work.
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    Upon game launch day, how many hours are you going to wait outside the store?

    If your internet is not fast enough to download SC2 in under 2 hours, you shouldn't even be capable of playing a blizzard game online :nuts: EDIT: Sorry for the double post. If a mod sees this, feel free to merge my two posts.
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    Upon game launch day, how many hours are you going to wait outside the store?

    Why would I waste my hard earned gas money to drive to Game Crazy, or Game Stop for some of the more higher franchise chain buyers out their, and wait in line for a game I could download in 30 minutes. Hell it's gonna take me 30 minutes anyways to go buy the game. Waste of gas and time. DL for...
  7. E to integrate with Facebook

    Fuck Facebook, Fuck Myspace, Fuck Twitter, and any other blog type deals. I don't care if Hugh Laurie gets on WoW to merge his Twitter. Gonna be seing things like Hugh Laurie Tweets " account suspended cause I didn't follow the terms of service. Don't they know who I am..."...
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    Upon game launch day, how many hours are you going to wait outside the store?

    Confirmed that their will be direct purchase through blizzard store shortly after release. Hooray!
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    july 27 - sc2 release date

    Hell, it's about time. That will closely mark the three year point since they announced it I believe. God I remember that summer so well to. To be honest, I can't believe its almost here O.o:eek::eek::banghead:
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    Graviton Beam

    Yeah galaxy is not proving its worth so far considering the bond between units and their effects and data and triggers. My guess is to just use triggers to pull this one off. Then again this could be a parameter set for the Beta. Wait to see when the game is released and try it then.
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    Discussion: Effectiveness of Blizzard's modular approach to objects

    I would say that's a very acceptable guess considering the way they described the Galaxy Editor is like 90% inaccurate. They say it's so easy to make an Uberlisk yet where is it? Only seen it made via XML and that sure as hell isn't easy considering all the functionality is lost. So...
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    Physics Map?

    Interesting idea. BTW I haven't watched the video yet at school but if I'm right, you wanna develop physics using the the Galaxy Editor. I like the idea and it could definately spawn a new age of bounds if you ask me considering Starcraft 1 took advantage of every feature in the editor in order...
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    Upon game launch day, how many hours are you going to wait outside the store?

    The whole point of the question was to know if at release that you can digitally purchase the game (basically the key XD ) online. Yes you can download them now with the key, but at release of most blizzard games, they have to be bought in retail stores. Though the last two WoW expansions were...
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    Upon game launch day, how many hours are you going to wait outside the store?

    They have for the World of Warcraft Expansions, can't see why they wouldn't now. They are gonna want this available to EVERYONE they can considering all the time they put into this game. So yeah, I'm sure direct purchases are gonna be available. Maybe not instantly, but it will definately be an...
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    Order of creation triggers

    Why do you need it to be transferred to plain text when you can edit it in the parser still and not have to destroy the GUI. I think its one of the very best additions to the Editor. Edit in Galaxy without destroying your GUI triggers.