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    Add Ability - Mana Shield?

    Is chakra shield a hero ability? If it is i think the target needs to be a hero as well.
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    Streak system help

    Hmmm... Someone -rep me... Congrats, you solved the problem.
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    How to successfully load a Hero|GameCache View it, it tells you everything.
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    Altering income source

    Make a trigger so that every few seconds it counts all the structure a player has then gives him gold based on the structure he has.
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    Please Help with Important Trigger Problem

    Maybe delete run meele AI action?
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    Custom map - absolute crashy messness

    Delete you Wolf Bane then. Make another one that is like him then try again.
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    Upgradeable Units

    Make a unit untrainable first using the set construction avaliablity for player action. When a player research an upgrade. Allow training of the unit by that player.
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    Upgradeable Units

    No, thats the best way. Look at some unprotected altered meele map. Or at least look at how other chaos based abilities is done. Like siege tank morphing into a siege tank with barrage.
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    A few questions

    1.Blink 2.Make an ability based on heal but give it negative values so it damages instead of heal.
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    Doppelganger Spell

    Make it a unit ability
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    Removing From Mini-Map

    "If rep is not your entire life, then why did you create such a fuss over it?" I didn't, I just said thanks for the +0 rep...
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    Streak system help

    My post #5
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    Upgradeable Units

    Add ability chaos to the unit Change the chaos new unit type. Set the ability so that it requires an upgrade to be reserached. It works...
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    A Simple Question

    This action: Player - Make Footman Available for training/construction by Player 1 (Red) Or Find Tauren Totem Scroll down until you see Techtree-Unit trained Add your campiagn unit there!