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  • Hey, I loved your post about chat strings, it helped me with my map ALOT! Thanks, and I was wondering if you could tell me how to change the color of a player (rather than a unit) to a color that is not given in the GUI editor. like <|cffffcc00|r> rather than red green blue, and all that stuff. Your help would be greatly apreciated. (or, as an idea, you could put it in the map that you made as a reference for the chat strings.)
    The post was deleted, not the thread. ._.
    Without actually knowing which post it was, I can't tell you why it was deleted.

    yeah the ai contest is a thing i will miss. too many friends and map partnersare participaiting in it... well good luck on it. the so called arena is crap btw.
    Nah, time will tell if it is great or not. I am saying that there has been nothing like that ever made until now. Almost finished for an open alpha. Since the theme is survial horror the balaning will be a nightmare. if all Goes well, the map will be released this sunday or monday ^_^

    How's your map ?
    There's no way you're a noob.
    You just gotta put more thought into what you submit.

    That submission was well below your level. :p
    But he is dead (RIP) so I have taken the place as the Joker. Part-time of course. My real job is Evolved Panda Commandant, :D The other half Joker is in Arkham Asylum right now, ;)
    Exide.... better make a new version of your map... cuz it would appear that one of the greatest mappers of TH is making a defense map... better watch out.
    Note to self: Experiment with a global DestroyEffect(AddSpecialEffect()) function.
    I have summer vacation : P

    This means that I will be on th for... pf... 1-2 times a week or so ? The real life has begun! Time to party and drink 'till all feelings have left my body x]
    Tooltip Format Suggestion:

    <description: Conjures up a great, ball of flame from the caster's fingertips>. <effect: Hurls the fireball at a target enemy, dealing [X] damage and [Y] secondary effect>.


    So it's like 2+ sentences, the first for a description without values (so it could also be a story or something), second and more for effect description, then a line for the cooldown. And the values, like "dealing [X] damage", the number values, X in this case, would be highlighted in a color like yellow. I usually used orange for the values, and you can use your own unique color instead of the standard yellow or blue in DotA or orange from me, maybe GREEN since that's my favorite color, lols.
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