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  • yeah, I know.... I mean if he wanted to, he could make a map that can, possibly, shake DOTA's dominance.... but he is gone now :(
    Hello there. I saw your post on AceHart's revenge of the skeletons. And I want to tell you that AceHart left TH some time ago. Why he left is a mystery.

    What patch do you have ? Perhaps if you have 1.24 where Jass was messed up, that is why it won't recognise the map. I recommend either downgraiding your warcraft to a not crappy patch, or copy/pasting the 1.24 copy, uninstalling and then installing wc3 that you will update only to 1.23 .THat is the only way I can think of.
    Hi, I was just browsing through my old threads and I've come across my Painting Gallery.

    I then remember your post in it.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the thanks. :p
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