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  • A: My cap is 5g
    B: I'm a law-abiding citizen
    C: My dsl speed is 312kps
    D: I have enough money to buy the game, I'm just saving it for something else.
    That's why I pay for my games :D
    I'm afraid you're going to have to find someone else to play Bridge Commander with, I'm too busy with my wc3 map atm, then it's on to Prototype :D
    witch part do you own ? THe croatian guys have been giving us swarms of funny action games for years now... but since serious sam 2 they haven't gotten any more games... witch is sad because Sam is just... wtf omg cool + the games are very funny :D
    Hi Faust ^^
    i tried ur solution in the Morphed units problem thread. Well i needed to change the event to "A units finishes casting an ability" to properly activate the trigger. The unit had its alternate model changed to the normal model as you have said.
    But whenever you give a move order to the unit, it activates the alternate model of the unit again. So it becomes submerged in the dry ground forever again. =/
    do u know if there's a way through triggers to correct that?
    Even using a periodic event to correct the model, the animation seems laggy and very unstable...
    my reputation T_T
    And sorry to pm you ^^"
    Someone has closed that thread XD
    I always get a spike when opening it in DotA, Angel arena, and whatever... :\
    You gave me -CP for an opinion in a discussion because I disagree with what YOU claim to be "Irrefutable". What you claim to be "Irrefutable" I say is irrelevant. That women have less of a tendency to build enormous muscles is not particularly important because it is strength and athleticism, which women can have a great deal of, not huge muscles that make the difference in the army.

    woot.. finally finished..

    here's a look:

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