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    [2Q's] On Ability leveling and Shared Cooldowns

    I see. Thanks for the help guys. +reps
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    [2Q's] On Ability leveling and Shared Cooldowns

    Hi, I have two questions for you guys. 1. I made a custom ability based on Item Life Bonus, the one with the bonus hp. I edited the values, made it a unit ability with two levels, with 0 and 1000 as the bonus life for every level. I give the ability to a unit via jass and set it to level 1. An...
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    The Spell Idea Thread

    Name: Aqua Lance Type: Instant self-buff, On-hit Targets: Enemy Units Desc: On the 4th attack [Hero] makes, he releases an exploding torrent of water that deals damage to enemies in front of him in a line. After the 4th attack, [Hero] is able to cast Torrent for 3 seconds. Damage: 75 / 120 / 160...
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    team for battle for the hills

    I'm assuming your map will be an RPG? Or is it some sort of Hero Arena or soemthing?
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    Issue with Channel ability

    Casting time != Channeling Casting time is the time where the unit pauses before the spell is cast (goes into cooldown, mana is spent). Channeling is when the unit casts the spell, which lasts for the duration or until its cancelled.
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    Issue with Channel ability

    What do you mean? I suggest using the Channel ability with Follow Through Time set to 10.1 and Disable Actions set to false. When the ability is cast, create a periodic timer that will run every 1 second or less. It should check the caster's orderstringid. If its different from the spell's...
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    Abilities Suggestions?

    Warlock (Leaned towards spells that manipulate space) Regress - Releases a bolt of psionic energy that deals damage to the first unit it encounters and knocks it back. Force Field - Creates an impassable wall at target point perpendicular to the caster. Vault Skyward - Forces target into the air...
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    Pointing something in a different direction...?

    Try messing with the Art - Maximum Pitch Angle value in the Object Editor. You'd prolly need to make it a dummy unit first though, using the weapon model you're planning to use.
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    Stop unit moving out and moving in

    Yeah, just check if unit's position is greater than 900 (or whatever distance you feel is fair) away from the AoE. In which case, remove the unit from the group to prevent it from getting moved after blinking / porting away.
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    Hero Ideas!

    Here's a hero I made for my own map, but not using at the moment. Guard Captain Theme: Melee disruption Smite Instant Cast Quickly tackles enemies in front of self, knocking them back and dealing damage. Level 1 - 80 damage, 200 knock back over 0.5 seconds. Level 2 - 120 damage...
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    Stop unit moving out and moving in

    ^That. Pick all units in the AoE on cast, store in a group. Every 0.03 seconds, pick all units in the AoE. If picked unit is not in group, get angle between it and center of AoE, then push it back. Then check the position of all units in original group. If unit position is outside AoE...
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    Blizzard Storm

    Make a dummy caster to cast the actual Blizzard spell?
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    Envenomed Spears

    Your best bet would be to use JASS damage detect systems. Look around for some of those, since using GUI for this kind of thing is difficult not to mention full of leaks and slow.
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    Need brainstorm

    I kinda like the OWNED's idea with multiple lanes colliding in the middle then splitting up. Its suited for more fast-paced games if you're into that kind of thing. Its really up to you how many lanes you want. It depends on what your map's gameplay would be like.
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    Rate my hero (AOS) - cursed pirate

    Very simple, but effective. I especially like the 3rd and 4th skill. Very nice concept.