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    There seem to be quite a lot of AOS games, hm?

    Valve are quite good (IMO) for adding additional content to their products, based on all the community-created content they have added to the game - perhaps they will take the same approach with DotA2. There may even be hats :P
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    Really Weird Conflicting Spells

    To tell you the truth, I have no idea :P It could be an issue with autocast attack modifiers in general - you could try out Searing Arrows instead of one of your existing abilities to see if that's the problem. Otherwise, I don't know - sorry.
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    Really Weird Conflicting Spells

    It's been a while since I've done any World Editor stuff, but I think you've got Base Order ID mixed up with Order String - the Base Order ID is what causes the conflicts and can only be editted on a small number of spells (e.g. Channel), and AFAIK the Order String is only really used for...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Are you suggesting that there is a period of time in which the nyancat song isn't interesting? Blasphemy! Also, content! _YXYt_mqChQ xwhBRJStz7w
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    multiplication by juxtaposition and order of operations

    Where do people get this idea? Multiplication and division are of equal priority - if they are both found in the expression, then they are performed in the order they are found as you read the expression left to right There's also... one two Sadly, I can't find anything which states...
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    multiplication by juxtaposition and order of operations

    Where do you get your information from? I haven't seen anything to suggest that the order of operations changes under certain circumstances Since I'm not really bothered with trying to align numbers over a makeshift fraction bar... 75-(75-58)*(133-100)/(150-100) 75-17*33/50 75-561/50...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    True that - the music's pretty good too :D gjbDXZYR4Pc
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    multiplication by juxtaposition and order of operations

    Er... what does the priority of multiplication relative to the priority of division have to do with this? This post summarizes the point of the thread nicely. Would your equations be written in an ambiguous fashion though? Also, some examples of these formulae you work with would be nice...
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    Your Internet Habits

    It's all too easy to create the illusion that you're someone other than you (in terms of personality, at least) IMO - you could be a level-headed, polite person when it comes to real life, but it's not hard to give the impression that you're an aggressive, rude asshole on the internet. If you...
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    Your Internet Habits

    Searching for help/answers to various problems/questions I had - for example, it was WC3 editting stuff for TH, and recommendations (or otherwise :P) of local ISP's for As much as possible, I try to be myself - I don't have any reason (that springs to mind, at least) to create an...
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    Fun With Telsa Coils

    Already posted but it's pretty great nonetheless :D My personal favourite is the Ghostbusters one :P qEG-1iYpgKU
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    Report Mac vs. PC: The stereotypes may be true.

    This one? :P
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    Report What turns people off from buying 3D TV.

    On the topic of seizures, the Epilepsy Society of the UK suggest that the 3D effect isn't likely to be the cause when it comes to inducing a seizure . What?
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    Funny Picture Thread