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  • I see :) as far as " it creates too much doodads, and the editor won't be able to save " ,don't you use NewGen Editor? Since i have no problems with limits thanks to the No Limit mode that NewGen offers ;)
    I have no idea Honestly :( , i also tried adding a Map Intialization trigger which you didnt previously have just in case,but it didnt fix the problem, and its not that you have any sort of trigger to possibly cause trouble, it has to be something with the Object Editor, do you recall making any specific changes to the Object Editor ?
    Ellow mate, i dont know if its just me but, have you actually tried to test your map? Cause whenever i try to it Crashes me, i normally work with JassNewGen Pack Editor, but i also tried the normal World Editor, same problem, is this just me or you can't test it either?
    Yeah, I remember you too, but, the fact is, I left TH community awhile ago, not a WC3 fan anymore.

    What's up with you, anything new?
    Actually, wasn't able to work on it much. Busy with school and my Coup D'etat project. By the way, how did you get the progress bar thingy in your DoTA: Revival thread?
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