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    searing arrows with trigger

    You never create a Variable called Budynek. But i don't if it's like a master boss or something.. Oh. And you want a chance to do that. Well you gotta use that dang 1 to 100 chance thing. Sec i'll find it. Liquid Arrow Events Unit - A unit starts casting an ability Conditions (Ability being...
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    Single target to AoE

    Well. How about trying to change that "Triggering unit" into "TempUnit". But I'm just guessing.
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    Having problems with my map's models

    Did you just Copy - Paste they models from another map? Because i have experienced the same. You have to import the model first.
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    Minigame Guitar Hero: Warcraft 3 Tour

    Ideas: Starpower (like in normal GH - i only tried the first so i dont know if its been removed) Highscore system in-game (Not something that is gonna save, just among players) Bonus song/hidden songs/events (tell me if you need some more creativity or deeper description)
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    Other Forest Escape

    Uploaded version 1.03 that includes alot of leak removal (really poitned out) and some fixes + new commands + a big bug when game end.
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    Offense Tropical Assault FW

    OH YEAH!! CUSTOM RACES FTW :D! and heroes! awesome screenshot
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    Channeling Spell to Non-Channeling (was: Help!!!)

    Erh, that's "half-not" true. You can make a dummy channel the abillity after you casted it. There was a thread with this earlier.
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    Icon Universal Explosion

    If you added more colors and effect, it would get a better impression of "Universal".
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    Need Terrain Suggestions

    Open Area + Loops ^^ like Gem TD
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    1 Question and 2 Requests

    I think it is required with player starting points. Or else it would be something in World Editor - Settings.
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    Changing pathinging blockers...?

    You could make ramps/bridges and then remove the model. I have made same thread once i think.
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    Spell Circle of Fire

    eerh, ask them what? :P
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    [CONTEST] Texturing Competition 4

    I can give +rep to winner
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    Spell Circle of Fire

    Nono, just edit the first post mate. Or else the moddies will get very angeri