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    Is there a shorter way to convert itemtype to string (name of item)?

    Also, if you were to make a simple function that did this itself vexorians (if memory serves) map optimizer will inline it. here is a version of what you were doing with no BJ's in it, just replace that call with UnitItemName. function UnitItemName takes unit u, integer itemId returns string...
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    How do I terminate a running trigger?

    After each wait AND at the very beginning of the trigger put this in: if then else multiple actions if (condition is true) Boolean Comparison (SomeVariable is equal to True) then (do actions) Set SomeVariable = False (this is the Set Variable action) Custom Script: return else (do else...
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    Game Time Event

    accidently posted on my old account... trying to delete so i can repost on my main one.