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  • Ok, I made much progress on the map.
    New features:
    - click a weapon (in your control panel, earlier known as 'inventory') to shift to it.
    - implemented right clicking.
    - you can place traps by right clicking. (haven't made any traps yet <.<)
    - walk on weapons to pick them up.

    Tell me what you think :)
    Well, my reinstall finished faster than I expected :)
    I'm back at modeling, Max 5 installed ;)

    Everything's great :)
    Yeah, quite annoying. Well it's ok, it's just that we have to wait more. Well now you can be lazy with the texture :D
    I have some bad news and some good news.

    The bad news is that my comp crashed and I was unable to open it and I had no backup of G&V Production's files, not the model, not the map.

    The good news? Well due to my omgwtfbbqskillz (lulz) I overwrote some nasty, corrupted files and I was able to open my comp and after some time find our files and put them on an USB stick.

    However I need to format it and install 3d studio max 5 again so it'll probably take some time before I can get back to finishing the unwrap.

    About 2 - 3 days :)
    Just wanted to keep you updated :)
    Why are you never at msn?
    How's the texture going? I'm done with everything except the backhead and pelvis Unwraps.
    Hey GooS.

    I'm currently making a map, which is, yeah, quite extraordinary. You move with the arrow keys, yay, and you shoot arrows by left clicking. You can pickup new weapons by running close to small crates lying on the ground, and then your old weapon will be dropped.

    So I was thinking, since the map is quite special, if you maybe wanted to make a modification of the undead UI to fit it? You may want to try the map in advance, and see if it's worth using your time on, and that will be just alright.

    However, I still need to make the different weapons, but everything but that is finished. If you want to make the UI, you're not gonna get credits, you're gonna be put on the maker list as making UI is a gigantic task to do.

    If you want to make it, we'll have to discuss how it'll look, but if you have some ideas you're welcome to tell me.
    Hello Goos
    us on the RPZE Team are loving the custom UI you gave us but just one more request is that we would like a replacement for the hero abilities[the red +] that would be similarly themed with the UI you gave us
    -The RPZE Team
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