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  • believe so, but i think there is a minimum post requirement if you arent given it by a mod as well, not sure about that one though
    never touched cata either... i had 2 tanks in wotlk 1 in bc/vanilla, always played a prot/holy pally/tank dk
    same with ret pallies, you dont need to have an IQ to play ret pally, now, somewhat for prot
    I was gonna +rep you for recognising talent. But I need to spread it around :/

    So, your name is Graham huh?
    basically a conversion turns something into something else
    for example, you cant add an integer and a real together, eventhough they are both numbers...
    so instead of going:

    • Actions
      • Set Real[1] = Real[1] + Integer

    you do this

    • Actions
      • Set Real[1] = Real[1] + Real(Integer)

    which converts the integer variable into a real number, real numbers are capable of having decimals (ie: 1.50, 3.21), integers arent (ie: 1, 2, 3)

    with conversions you can turn an integer into a real, or string, etc and visa-versa (reals with decimals changed into integers just take off the decimal (ie: 1.99 - > 1)
    bt dubs that wasnt a jass line

    something to something else is a conversion
    Integer to string
    string to real
    cowfarts to fuel (lol)

    1 (integer) ->1 string
    1 (real) -> 1.00 string
    you mean ur conversation with dirac? he should be cool i dont think he will -rep you
    hes a cool guy, just not very patient with non-jass users lol
    lol dw about it, just pay me back by helping out with the WEHZ whenever you can... how much rep do u have now?
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