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  • Oh, sounds interesting. I'm not a fan of zombie games, though. I might try it out someday. =)
    You're one to talk. You're still growing, I've stopped. Youngsters should be getting as much sleep as possible, none of this 9:43 rubbish.
    Hey, I'm going to post the fixed and updated version of Quarantine - possibly - today. Can you let me in on what you've already done? I made a rough dialogue system already, as well as a couple new areas and items.
    Eh, that's embarrassing. *Deleting self-addressed post.*

    Um, can you explain the system you want to make more clearly? What do you mean by not MUI?

    Well if you're going to make AI for three classes... I guess Assault, Medic and Scout would be best suited for AI use. By the way, right now I'm trying to make a new character class, the Engineer. I was thinking of giving him the Scout's shotgun and replacing it with a new weapon. I made a copy of the Assault Rifle trigger and tinkered with it to make a sort of bullpup machine gun weapon for the Scout. What do you think?
    Then learn about hashtables. Just asking someone to fix it now, sticking it in, and calling it done doesn't teach jack shit.
    /sigh. If you don't some time learn how to fix your OWN problems, you'll never really learn. In fact, 90% of your map will be OTHER people's code. Not yours. Thus, you can't exactly call it YOUR map.

    So, then, you can either take my advice, or leave it.
    If you have the time, you could start with either the AI or the melee system. Preferably the AI.

    It's also not a problem that you're working on your own map. I expected nothing less from a triggerer, anyway. :thup:
    I'm also working on a dialogue system now, by the way. To make multiplayer more interesting. What do you think?
    Sorry for the inactivity this week.

    Anyway, AI would be great! So does this mean you got the map properly?
    Huh. You were born at the end of March '94, I at the very start. Hiya, neighbor.
    I actually like the Horde thing. I changed the dialogue, though. I also added a cool sound effect whenever it happens. Will post the polished map sometime today.
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