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    Something I wrote

    won't attach, and won't delete. hmm
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    New: 'Me and Morgan Freeman'

    Hey everybody, newest song/video from our channel. Hope you enjoy :)
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    Late Night with Moses!

    Newest skit from our channel, hope you guys enjoy! More stuff on the way too. :)
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    'The Switch'

    New short skit from our channel, hope you guys enjoy :)
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    The Rap Game has Once Again been Taken Over?

    Obviously the music industry will never be the same haha
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    Short Story Well

    coulda sworn... woops lol
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    Short Story Well

    Very powerful, because it is so honest. Obviously some grammatical and stylistic mistakes, its going to happen in any work of any length, but it didn't take away from the story. (specifically from what I remember you used the word 'jest' when 'joked' would have fit better in a contemporary...
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    Dusk and Memory / As I Walk Randomly

    good: ideas, themes present, rhyming, some of the writing. Especially since english is not your native language, this is very impressive How you could improve: The poem lacks rhythm. If you meant for it to be more of a free verse type poem, then no worries, if not, work on that. Overall its not...
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    Poetry And life goes on.

    I enjoyed it! But I think it is rather literal, where you have a nice chance to be more imaginative with how you express this whole theme as well. Good concept, and well written.
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    WIP Apparatus // A Novel

    It could be an interesting movie or novel, but that is true of most ideas. It's really up to the writer. I'd have to see the prologue, or the first chapter, or some of the script I guess to elaborate or give further critique.
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    Short Story Short Snippets

    Interesting. But so short of a snippet that it's hard to get into it in any sort of way. And I agree with KMilz, she should not be nearly so confused and emotional about this, or if she should be, then it needs an explanation why.
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    Poetry Guardians of the Earth

    You would like to travel and see the world, but you love your home more? This is obviously a very literal translation, but that is how it appeared to me.
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    Music The Sketchiest Thing You'll Ever Hear

    Don't know how I found this haha but WOOH is it sketchy.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    The sketchiest song ever! haha
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    mindless tirade

    Ninva, YOU'RE awesome. I love it.