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    Checking if a building is currently under Construction

    I've used the Search feature and Google a little bit but was unable to find an answer, so I'm hoping someone here will have one. I am simply wondering if there is a (Built-in) way to check if a building is currently under construction. Specifically, I will be using the trigger to check if a...
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    (Video) Mad Mad Mario

    I did a quick search of "Mad Mario" and didn't notice this video being posted. I found it hilarious and thought some of you would enjoy watching it. :) I know it's a little old, so some of you may have seen it - but hopefully you'll like it as much as I did. There is some mild language, but I...
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    Dragon Ball GT or Z?

    Whenever I think of GT, all I can think of is the Bon Para Para dance/attack sequence. It was quite painful to watch, although funny to look back on. Dragon Ball Z wins hands down for me, but I didn't hate the majority of GT as I hear some people do. Dragon Ball Z was my favourite childhood...
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    What have you learned from Anime/Manga?

    I have learned everything there is about how to eat a chocolate cornet. It's knowledge that I will pass on to my children.
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    What's your top anime list

    I've just recently begun to watch (and love) anime, so there’s a lot I haven't watched yet. However, out of what I have watched I have a few favourites – and I'll try to limit myself to only a select few. (In no particular order, except the first one) 1. Clannad & Clannad After Story - The...
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    Sorry, I can't say I have. I haven't talked to you or Knight since back in [June?] when I had...

    Sorry, I can't say I have. I haven't talked to you or Knight since back in [June?] when I had no access to a computer for a few months. I wish I could be of more assistance. :(
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    Crime Mom calls 911 on son for playing too many video games

    I'm having an oddly difficult time responding to this news article. :confused: I can't seem to find the words to best explain my opinion, but I'll try my best. Don't take any particular sentence by itself; I'll try my best to get my point across - although it will be "muddled" to say the...
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    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

    What I'm loving about this game is that you could throw on a silencer, cold blooded perk and ninja pro perk and be almost invisible to the vast majority of idiots who play this game, despite running around like a fool. I've come up behind a group of three people and kill the first two, and...
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    Avatar (2009)

    I'd give it a 9.5/10, I was enjoying every moment from start to finish. You'll defiantly have to see it in 3D, it's absolutely amazing - Although not in a standout way. I found myself forgetting that it was 3D at some points, and when I took a look, I was amazed by it all over again. The 3D...
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    Router Port Forwarding Limitations

    After looking through the web-based GUI and the software's Wiki, I couldn't exactly find anything about limiting bandwidth per computer. I did however find a Quality of Service page for prioritizing Services/Netmask/MAC/Ethernet Port. Don't know if that has anything to do with what you're...
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    Router Port Forwarding Limitations

    Thanks everyone for your posts. :) I've downloaded and installed the program you suggested Samuraid, and it has provided the solution I was looking for. I'll also be looking into Port Triggering in more depth for future reference, although at the moment I don't necessarily understand all...
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    Router Port Forwarding Limitations

    -- Problem Solved, thanks! :D -- Hello everyone. :) I couldn't find a thread related to this with the search function, so I apologize if I missed a pre-existing thread. Here some general information first in case it's relevant. Router: Linksys WRT54G 2.2 Router Firmware: v4.21.1...
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    Got a new Graphic's Card - But no difference

    That's what I've been hearing. Although I am getting more RAM (Should be cheap) - I am also probably getting a CPU, but that's where I need some help from you guys. KC102 linked me to one, but it wasn't available on a Canadian website. So, I've been looking for a good Processor that will work...
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    Got a new Graphic's Card - But no difference

    I've never overclocked anything on my computer - So that's something I'll need help with (Or atleast a play of reference on how to properly do it). Also, I'll probably get more RAM but I can't afford to spend much more. I spent more than I wanted to already by having to get the Power Supply...
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    Got a new Graphic's Card - But no difference

    I recently purchased an HD Radeon 4890 (Upgrade from a Nvidia GeForce 8500) - And after purchasing a 700W Power Supply (Upgrade from a 430W), I haven't noticed an actual difference in game (Playing World of Warcraft). My assumption is that theres something holding it back, but I don't know...