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  • Good to see you checking out the site my friend! Been a long time hope you are doing well!
    Heeey, can i use textureset, you used for yoour mana and hp bar for my progress bar model>?
    All Textures I use are In Game Textures.
    Well, one almost done. But it has corrupt animations.
    I guess there is something wrong with the Bones. No Idea what caused it...
    The point is,to Modify the Current Models of Castle, Fortress,Black Citadel and Tree of Eternity, to add something to it, simple improvement to it :)
    Well, sort of like an Additional Tower to the Castle, Different Effect on the Tree of Eternity (you know like now its somewhat fiery), for example you could make some Whisps circling around it or so (just an example) , same to the Fortress of the Orcs, you could make it round-like arena stadium, with towers around it and so on, something like that? :)
    PS. its not neccessary to make them from the scratch, all i need is an Improved Castle (The human building), Fortress (The orc building) , Black Citadel (the undead building) and Tree of Eternity (the night elf building ) , sorry if im bothering you.
    Ellow, i am in need for some Models for my map, and i was wondering if you have some time to make them for me? :(
    I just removed some sparklies, and then one of my other project members made minor edits (not sure exactly what kind).
    Hey, would it be okay for me to use those bars you made, but with some slight modifications by me? You'll still get full credits, I just need to change some things like the color/remove the sparklies. :p
    Sorry for disappearing on Chat. My computer crashed and then I went to go lie down ane then I went to asleep. My bad D:
    >You're probably in Bulgaria or America

    Actually traditional Bulgarian meals are mostly of baking stuff, not frying.

    Just sayin'
    Well, for me you're a artist because your models are really nice (at least for me), you don't need to know how to draw something if you do good things with modeling :p
    I'm going to save it into my private collection of avatars I use secretly all over the internet.

    ... well the last part of that isn't true.
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