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    World French Skier in 5 second crash

    LOL, brutal.
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    Husky's Gallery

    Added a couple more things.
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    Americans are NOT stupid The person who did the subtitles is just as stupid. I honestly want to know how many of those you guys actually knew, and didn't. Be honest. The map thing was fucking funny. Be honest, if you didn't know most of the questions he asked, let us know...
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    Husky's Gallery

    Added: Trauma, Kerr and Tissy.
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    Husky's Gallery

    Added: Morello.
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    Husky's Gallery

    Just create it yourself, or come up with your own logo. It may look cool on your sig, but in the end you didn't create it. Challenge yourself, get creative, see what you can come up with.
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    Husky's Gallery

    I made it with a brush. And yes you can use it - that is if you can recreate it ;). Added: TOOL
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    Signature Torment

    I'll be adding any of my new work here: Thanks for the comments guys.
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    Husky's Gallery

    Added Daredevil and Entropy. Haven't actually been doing that many Sigs lately.
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    Husky's Gallery

    By the way the "vctm" is my name on a different forum I use/post these on. I usually do anywhere from 1-5 a week, so will update regularly. If you have any stock images you think that would make a good signature, pm me with the stock image (prefer that it is already rendered out first). No...
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    Signature Diddy!

    Another piece, will probably start a gallery of them after a couple more pieces.
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    Signature Duff Man

    Not really Duff Man :P. The hotter, woman version.
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    Breaking my addiction

    Played Wrath for about a month, got 4/5 T7.5 then quit. For a week of that month I was bored then I just stopped playing cause there was nothing to do. The easiest way to quit is to just get bored. It takes awhile to get there especially if you are a new player, but it is the easiest way.
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    Signature Torment

    Made for a CS:Source clan. Clan name text was done in Cinema 4D.
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    Hang in there bro, get well soon.