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  • I am 99.9% sure that that's totally impossible.
    Unfortunately, if I recall correctly, Blizzard has completely removed typecasting code variables to integers, which is crucial to Map Lock. :)
    I was actually thinking about redoing those spells. They will require some time to redo though.

    If I do redo them, they will probably require:

    - GTrigger by Jesus4Lyf.
    - AIDS by Jesus4Lyf.
    - T32 by Jesus4Lyf.
    - AutoFly by Azlier.

    Just to give you a bit of a warning.
    Update JassHelper.
    AIDS questions go in the AIDS thread, by the way. But thanks anyway.
    If you are unsure how to update JassHelper, read the last few posts in the AIDS thread - they may be able to help you.

    Feel free to ask further questions there.
    My spawning system used SUPOT, which can be found in the approved system area. H2F is a discontinued project.
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