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    Zealot Frenzy

    hey whitesock , i was wondering if you could convert this icon to sc2 .dds , i have a new ability im putting in called blood Rain and this icon would be cool for it . the btn version alone is adquate...
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    Zealot Frenzy

    thanks for some feedback. About the upgrades for each tier, i went that way, cause it makes units feel more unique . ( i plan to bring in more tiers eventually, i just need the models! ) these tiers will be like how our footies on war3 own is . So its like a sc2 vrs war3 lol. About nova =...
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    {Ideas/Suggestions}Mortal Kombat

    hex long time, a mortal kombat map in war3? sounds tough .. maybe have some sort of skill based gameplay with counters. take a look at this map in sc2 as to what im refering too for ideas ( its like MK with "finish him" etc) --->...
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    Zealot Frenzy

    yea sure, ill give it an extra 100 hp or something . Also try the action jackson instead ( the tank is the long range defense merc, while jackson is the long range offensive merc)
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    Zealot Frenzy

    you might be wondering why i ask, cause im the creator :P well im glad you understand the great difficulty a map like this is to balance. I have big plans coming for it soon
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    Zealot Frenzy

    and whats your opinions of footmen frenzy on war3 (balanced??) , golems stun is a much weaker version of tcs warstomp, Infestors Banish is a weaker version of bloodmages banish (if you refering to perma stun from ultimate) are you forgetting dino'dins own from war3? mass jamies stun...
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    Zealot Frenzy

    any reason to why you think its lacking balance? :P
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    speed increase buff

    go to the units section of the data editor, find the behaviour field of the unit, and give it that speed increasing buff.
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    Stalker Projectile Launch not working correctly

    sup tachi ! have a look at the "action actor" that determines launch and impact points along with a whole host of different stuff so for you instance have a look at all the "launch" fields within that actor , and specify a launch point
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    Star Battle.

    seemed very slow pace, like turtles in space with some abilties, then again i only played it once so i cant really judge. From my first impression its a decent map, but how is it number 1 on the list i dont know :P
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    Duplicating a Unit

    im guessing you messed up somewhere in the actor... duplicating units is very easy.. Just delete what you have done and ill explain it in 4 steps. 1) find the unit you want to duplicate 2)untick all of the selections and make sure the only one ticked is the actor(only duplicate the actor)...
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    Editor bugs

    no the editor does not leak . however some stuff do need to be cleared, like using actors. though i wouldnt really consider that a leak.. How is the editor suppose to know how long you want a special effect to last for? .. The trigger you posted there would not leak, but depending on...
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    How do you fight spam and trolls on a forum?

    i post there now and then.. so i think its a good idea to clean it up a bit... Though i never put in my real name/surname for my battlenet account anyway... so it doesn't matter to me
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    Question: Should i Quit A Map?

    i say quit it and put your effort into something that will be atleast played .. there is already so much AOS map out there that even if you finish this the map its just going to be another statistic.. Get sc2 and start a revolution. There will be alot more player base there .. The fact...