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  • Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

    It has certain known bugs (such as Nazzari's Freezing Field terrain effect not appearing on blight or that Into the Nether is disabled), but you should report everything that you find (including typos <3). You should also send me the replay and let me know when it happened so that I could investigate it.

    Testing, hmm. I won't be really active for 2-3 weeks because of important exams, but after that I'll try to work on the map as much and as hard as possible; I would like to be part of the tests to see everything from first hand and I might explain why it's bugged immedately etc.
    I got something i want you to test :p , interested? Talkin 'bout a Custom Campaign, but i need some motivation in order to continue, its just the First Map, the beginning, and i could use your feedback on how it seems, and wether it is interesting enough or not :) , just thought i'd ask, hope i hear from you soon :) peace
    Hey dude, I see from your recent posts that you're a LoL player as well :) If you're on the NA server, add me: TheNightCr4wl3r :D look forward to seeing you online!
    sorry, :S i dont
    i lost my account info for my lvl 30 account there, so i'm currently only playing on eu.west and eu.ne

    There was an "original" version of the game, released about 6 years ago. It was pretty basic, and terribly imbalanced. With permission, I edited that version of the game for a year. I came to the determination though that the work done prior to me taking it over was very shoddily done. So, I remade the entire game from a blank slate, done 100% by myself; over 3 additional years. The original idea was not created by me, but 100% of the work was. The original author had less of an influence on the end result than any of my beta testers (of which there were dozens). www.chao.forumclan.net is my website for the game. If you have any further interest in history of the map, there is a thread there with about 6 pages of text explaining the entire history of the game. there is also game information there, if you are looking for tips, tricks, game nights, tournys, ect.
    It has, I agree :( But I never play solo (especially not normal solo), I always play with at least 2-3 friends. In exchange, we (almost) always get not retarded/troll enemies, so the result is often a great match (unless they pick 5 low-skillcapped champions and win by rolling their face on the keyboard; that's what make me leave this so-called balanced game for a while)
    EU Nordic & East. I'm thinking of moving to West with my friends, but well... I haven't played too much recently (like 10-15 games in 5 months)
    Rawr spam because i see other peoplez are spaming you xddddddddddddddddddddddddd i loves pie
    Its going good. working on a big project, just me, but I'm coding everyday so its chilled. There is something you could help me with if you can? To do with understanding a JASS bag system.Its perfect for my map but I can understand the code enough to adapt to properly to my systems.If you could help me that would be great. PM me if you're interested.
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