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    Sci/Tech Wind Power Without the Blades

    Let's say a wind power plant and a coal power plant both cost $1,000,000 to build. Leaving maintenance out of the equation, as you are, assume the coal power plant consumes $10,000 worth of coal per month, and that they both fall apart in 50 years. The coal power plant also produces 1000 Mwh...
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    General Apple Just $14 Billion Away From Eclipsing Entire US Retail Sector.

    The american is becoming frugal and seeing the value in the mid-range. Pay $2k for a good solid-built laptop that will last you 4 years with almost guaranteed satisfaction. $650 for a phone you'll be paying at least $30/month for anyway. You lose more money, more time, and more health by...
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    Crime Judge Imposes Lifetime Driving Ban On 17-Year-Old Boy

    He drove into a tree with too many passengers and a suspended license. Yes, he should lose his driving privilege.
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    Environment Why So Many Tornadoes Are Striking the US

    Unfortunately, indeed.
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    Gaming Blizzard Entertainment lays off 600 employees as World of Warcraft shrinks.

    "Blizzard Entertainment, the publisher" --> Activision-Blizzard, the developer?
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    Report Study: Multitasking hinders youth social skills.

    Silly. Awkward males will just find awkward females. Females actually outnumber males on the Internets now. And Chrome is now #1 effectively; although it will probably take years for it to be official.
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    Crime Teen Calls Cops When She Hears Mom Having Sex

    Successful attention whore is successful.
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    Sci/Tech Our attitude to food and fitness 'is fixed at ten years old'.

    At first I thought this was depressing. Then I realized I didn't gain weight until 12 :D
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    What are reasons why programmed games are better than flash games?

    Because Flash, like anything Adobe makes at least in terms of program quality, is a steaming pile of crap. You can lie to yourself and say otherwise; but there's not much better examples of enterprise inefficiency and ignorance. Security is pretty bad too.
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    Crime Boston 7-Year-Old Accused Of Possible Sexual Harassment For Kicking Bully In Groin

    > 2011 > not recognizing "All of a sudden" is very common in the imagination of a 7-year-old. And where's all this "sue" business coming from -- I was thinking the same but I can't find it anywhere in the text. If a 7-year-old boy -effectively unprovoked-...
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    Sci/Tech Speed-of-light experiment 'was wrong after all'.

    A: Physicists believe nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. B. Physicists believe something traveling faster than the speed of light would lose a lot of energy. an experiment supposedly disproved A, therefore competing physicists used B to show they were wrong about A. But if A is...
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    Sci/Tech Life's Extremes: Leaders vs. Followers

    Article discusses natural born leaders. Gives brown-nosers, police, and quarterbacks as examples. What? Better example; drug dealers.
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    Crime Father-daughter Renaissance "fight" ends in arrests

    A wooden sword is a "deadly weapon"?
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    Google fuses JavaScript & Java; calls it DART

    Google today pulled the wraps off an "early preview" of its Dart programming language. Dart is squarely aimed at providing an alternative to JavaScript, which has become the "lingua franca" for developers of web applications, but a nettle to Google. From Google's point of view, JavaScript is...
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    Gaming computer

    $550 for a GTX 580? Are you insane? The GTX 580 is capped @ 363W which it uses under load. It offers slightly better performance than a HD 6950 which costs $262 (less than half) and uses only 256W under load. I read HAWX was supposedly biased for nVidia so here's some FPS. If you can...