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    Forget How To Type! An absolutely wonderfully British-humour website.
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    Forget How To Type!

    Save time and money! Forget how to type! Do you want to know the secret of eternal coolness? Do you want to know how to turn men and gods alike into putty in your hands? To shrive the eternal columns of damnation and arise, specular, glistening in the aftermath? Then fear not, young...
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    New York Giants win the Superbowl

    Canadia? >> I was rooting for the Red Skins, betting on the patriots. I figure, if the team I'm rooting for isn't IN the superbowl, I can't be disappointed. Lost ten bucks, though. :/
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    [Sci/Tech] Men No Longer Needed to Create Sperm

    You guys act like the only reason women are straight is to reproduce...
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    [Sci/Tech] Men No Longer Needed to Create Sperm

    Know what else is unnatural? Blind, ignorant belief. Know how we define "Natural?" "existing in or formed by nature (as opposed to artificial)." Yea. Pretty much, everything humans do is natural, because we're part of the natural world. A gopher digs a burrow in the ground, we call it natural...
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    [Sci/Tech] Men No Longer Needed to Create Sperm

    Hahaha. We're going to take over the world. Send all you guys to the moon.
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    Jimi Hendrix Sig (LP)

    My God. That is ... Hendrixy.
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    Blizzard announced 'no CD'-patch within one week

    I thought it was pretty explanatory. Nothing significant, obviously, but I have no idea what they would do. Probably more support for tournaments, as that seemed to be their target goal last time I was on. Possibly support for certain very popular games, such as DotA. As I said, no idea...
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    [Crime] Voices made me do it, says girl who filmed herself 'trying to kill parents

    "pretended to carry out the voice's instructions in the hope it would go away for long enough for her to get psychiatric help."
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    Health One pill makes you Autistic, One Pill Changes you back

    Haha, they were probably popping the pills to help them work harder to find the cure. ;)
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    Blizzard announced 'no CD'-patch within one week

    Battle.Net has been around for a very long time, and has no significantly changed except for game-specific modifications since Wc3 was released. During the first few weeks of the official release and all through the public beta testing, they were making huge changes to everything about how you...
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    Diablo 2

    Nah, Vipers Lair gives the amulet, and the Maggot Lair gives you the staff. Doesn't change.
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    Diablo 2

    Ahh, I had a Hammerdin. I had spent months wasting my time gathering all that perfect gear. It was PERFECT... Then I got screwed over by someone and they stole my account. :/
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    [US News] Kansas governor's son creates prison-themed board game

    Haha, it's all a bit funny in that it's ridiculous. I could see somebody making an extremely amusing flash game called "Don't Drop The Soap," but this is ridiculous, heh.
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    Diablo 2

    I thought I felt like playing it again right before break, but then I had a head-on collision with life and it's had me pinned down ever since. Hopefully soon.