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Dec 15, 2014
Jul 10, 2007
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Good Idea™, from Australia

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Dec 15, 2014
    1. Sevion
      What would you say would be a good size for an all-purpose matrix?
    2. Sevion
      Jesus, just asking how efficient is Galaxy? I'm currently writing a Matrix Math library and would hate if my algorithm for finding matrix inverses would lag or take a long time to finish.

      Also, do you know what the Op Limit is?

      As well, last question, if I were to have a two dimension array, what would be a good size? 8192x8192 would take up too much memory to even be remotely useful, no?
    3. tooltiperror
      Oh, well good, I was hoping to live to finish my Minecraft house.

      And thanks!
    4. tooltiperror
      Bahahaha good Jesus gave me my 500th Rep :D

      Make sure you spare me on Judgment Day tomorrow.
    5. BlackRose
      I love hacked maps :D Ones with the cheatpacks. So fun, keke. One time, I changed the activator for the cheatpacks and turned on this thing that allows you to hear all chat events. It was much fun watching the enemies attempt to turn their hax on. I think I also kicked a channel admin from a game a few times, they were the host too, it annoyed them. :D
    6. BlackRose
      Warcraft III is so fun :D Played Green TD v9.3 (or something like that, the versions confuse me, they all seem the same)? I tend to enjoy annoying others by destroying their towers. They all think their towers are sold automatically, someone is hacking, or something like that. So much fun :D
    7. BlackRose
      I wanted to play that once. I saw it being hosted, it was better than everything else being hosted, or it looked better. All I do when I play maps is scan the code for ChatEvents :3 To look for anything fun to abuse :P
    8. BlackRose
      Blah. Screw you and not updating your AgentStats testmap. I got confused. Then I actually read the thread. Bwahah. I love you.
    9. tooltiperror
      <really long pause>

      I don't know, I think he does some alternate method, no idea, his code is so ugly. Two character maximum variable names, bah. And I always yell at him for his documentation. And approve some resources, that place is like 2 pages long :(

      I got no idea his methods.
    10. tooltiperror
      oh hi just gonna double post on your userpage?

      I'm going to take the annoying task of recoding AIDS. I plan to just replace [ljass]//! textmacro AIDS[/ljass] with [ljass]implement AIDS[/ljass] to preserve functionality.

      And steal Nestharus' indexing method, because it's supposedly cool.

      Nice trick with delegates and AIDS_DEFAULT by the way :D
    11. tooltiperror
      Knock knock.
    12. Jokeronomy
      I care... I want the minecraft hack...
    13. tooltiperror
      Who cares? It's a hardware problem.
    14. Jokeronomy
      Could you update your minecraft hack for 1.4? Or are you gonna wait till 1.5?
    15. tooltiperror
      How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb?
    16. NeuroToxin
    17. NeuroToxin
      Hey, Sorry to bother you. I need to ask. Can you update KT2 using the things that TimerUtils does? So that I can use KT2 without everyone bitching at me.
    18. Frozenhelfir

      Hey there, your PM box is full so I guess I'll just post this here. I forgot to give credits to you in the current version, here is a screenshot of what it looks like in the development version. I'm guessing you'll want it changed to (? (please specify :D)) I mostly copy/pasted to get the questlog implemented quickly because the map was skimping on credits. Do you want your part/lyncor's part different? Just ask :D
    19. Azlier
      Bonjour, mon chou-tete. We've been really busy being dead, haven't we? I'm disappointed in us.

      No doubt you have something else important to do, though. I have nothing. Bleeeh.
    20. tooltiperror
      Oh, and now you don't want to break every single system? :P
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